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What type of salon are we

Jason Outten - Sunday, May 24, 2020
What type of salon are we ?

To some that maybe a strange question. To others its obvious

What do we mean ?
Well we love hair. We love seeing amazing results. But we also love being able to help you maintain those results and have
the time to achieve those results.

But we can only do so much. We can make the time, and we can achieve the results. If you make the time, plan and have
realistic goals

We’re not the best salon for the person that wakes up wanting a complete colour change that day. (Unless you want black)
We’re not the salon for that person that changes their mind last minute and leaves us with hours booked out and nothing to do

But if you’re the person that wants to be looked after. Have your Hair journey planned, your maintenance taken care of,
and know that no matter what you’re wearing its not looking great unless your hair is. Then you know we’re that salon

What brings most people to us is word of mouth and those amazing images all over Google + our Social Media.
They’re also our clients. Real people with real results. We don’t use influencers, and we don’t have a back up
of models to make our social media look pretty. That’s not us. Our social media is about what we achieve every day in our salon with real people. Real time frames, realistic expectations and booked appointments

So if you’ve been flip flopping around salons and now need us to fix your hair today. Or you just get too busy to sort out your
appointments and cancel or change on your hairdresser last minute all the time. Don’t call us, we’re not that type of salon

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Keratin Smoothing. What do we mean

Jason Outten - Sunday, April 05, 2020
Keratin Smoothing. What do we mean by "up to 80% reduction in volume, frizz and curl" ? THIS!

See the before on left is the naturally dried before our smoothing service and the right is naturally dry after our smoothing service.

Not all keratin smoothing is the same. Its like any service. A haircut, A hair colour. Some places do them better than others.
We just do ours extremely well and have the reviews and feed back to support it.

If you think keratin does not work on your hair, or does not work. You just had the wrong person doing it.

We currently have a new Keratin client intro available valid with Louise. It is $352 including the shampoo + conditioner to take home.
That's saving most people over $200. Normal booking conditions apply. Contact salon for further information.

Keratin Smoothing

Jason Outten - Sunday, January 19, 2020
To answer a common question re our Keratin Smoothing..... and too show our clients don’t have
to worry about the high humidity today

>The picture on the LEFT is shampooed and naturally dried

>The picture on the RIGHT is also shampooed and naturally dried.

>SAME person. SAME hair

The difference?

The picture on right is after our Keratin smoothing service

Frizz, Curl, Volume .... GONE

So this is what we mean when we say reduces volume, frizz and curl by up to 80% and lasts up to 5 months. With some
(as we have here. Getting even better)

Remember this is not even styled. Which will take minute now

Don’t waste your money on cheap keratin services that are just wasting your money. Focus on the results and longevity like we do

Heres our top 9

Jason Outten - Thursday, January 02, 2020
Here's our top 9 that we made a top 12 (why not) for 2019 ....

Every colour, every style, every length. Real people, real clients ..... real appointments. We specialise in Hair.

One style does not fit every person in the real world so we’re here to create YOURS.

We don't specialise in just one style, we're not that limiting. We don't do "just long" or "just blonde"
When as a hairdresser did we just do one type of hair. We do hair, simple

Real people in real time frames at real appointments. How hard would it be asking for your hair to be like the last post you put up
and it was a 10 hour job with an insta model that was happy to sit there all day because she's not paying and she has
50,000 followers the salon thinks she will "influence" to use their salon.
Would you be happy paying for 10 hours ?

We specialise in HAIR..Thats what we do

Permanent Hair Straightening

Jason Outten - Thursday, January 02, 2020
Permanent Hair Straightening

The single thing most people looking at getting their hair straightened MISS...
too focused on price to think about their results...

All permanent straightening’s

Example shown. Very thick hair so we had to work in zones. Technician has 10 years experience
but impossible to apply as precise as our standards dictate before process time is up in first zone

So we split the zones and do in rolling stages. This ensures whole head processes evenly.
Note: this pic is just showing the very first stage. Not even half way.

Most salons would try and rush or use multiple stylists/apprentices to apply.
That’s when mistakes happen and results are compromised

We allow enough time to perform to the best possible standards. Then price accordingly.
Fitting a service like this to a budget is never going to end well

Top ten questions we get asked

Jason Outten - Monday, December 23, 2019
Top ten questions we get asked re hair straightening

1. How much
2. How much
3. How much
4. How much
5. How much
6. How much
7. How much
8. How much
9. How much
10. How much

We list prices in our posts. We list prices on our fb page under services. We have a price list on our web page.

Hydro Rebond Straightening.. Smile says it all :)

This random question in comments indicates to us that people do not read and do not do their research. Which is a scary thought when looking at permanent straightening. Even smoothing. Its a lot of money to waste, not getting results or worse. Damaged hair.

Our permanent straightening is $797
Our keratin smoothing is OVER $400

Haircuts and products etc are in addition but we have packages to reduce those costs.

Rebond permanent straightening. More technical, more difficult. But thats what we are good at :)

To book a permanent straightening 1st time. It can only be done in person with 50% deposit. That does mean the deposit has to be paid in person at time of booking. So if you come in to chat but don’t book. You will need to come back again to book.

Keratin smoothing’s can be in person or over phone/email. Call or email us re how. 92288211

There are no exceptions to how we book. Its either thorough and professional or not at all. If you are looking for cheap. Sorry we’re not for you. But give us a call if something needs fixing. We’ll see what we can do

Australia’s No 1 Hair straightening and smoothing salon

AMAZING Smoothing

Jason Outten - Monday, November 11, 2019
Another AMAZING Smoothing result

Why do we have so many clients seeing us for keratin smoothing ?

Most make the mistake that keratin smoothing is the same everywhere. Oh dear

Lets get one thing straight (excuse the pun) ... They’re are NOT .... No where near.

The most common scenarios we encounter are as follows.
1. “It does not work on my hair”
2. “It only lasts a month or two”
3. “It works fine on my hair”

In response
1. It does. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
2. It will last longer. You just had it done incorrectly and/or poor quality product
3. Compared to having nothing before. Or compared to a poor application. We have clients that have said this but got curious because their friends come to us or reading reviews etc. Then we do it and the response is AMAZING “never thought it could be this good” (check our reviews)

...But...There is good news. If you have had somewhere and its not great, we can fix that

Our priority and focus is results + longevity. Everything else is a response to that.

- We book out a dedicated qualified stylist for YOUR entire service (approx 3 hours)
- Heat seal and stretch is important and it takes a LOT longer to do than a regular blow dry and iron.
- Adequate product is required and we don’t skimp on it.
- Application technique is critical to longevity and results.

We achieve up to 80% reduction in volume, frizz + curl lasting up to 5 months. Sometimes even better

We do receive a lot of quote requests every day. Which is no problem. You can either pop into salon or email two pictures. One from side + one from rear showing hair in full length. Email on our contact page HERE

But due to high quote request if you are only shopping for the cheapest price, we’re probably not for you.
We cannot deliver our standard and results based on a cheap price. Quotes will be $400+

#Keratin #HairSmoothing #SmoothHair

What are YOU paying for

Jason Outten - Sunday, October 13, 2019
What are YOU paying for ?

You can teach a plumber to weld a pipe
You can teach an electrician to splice a wire

But you cannot teach a hairdresser to be an artist.....
and to sculpt your hair into the desired, shape, colour and look it needs to be.

Every single persons hair is different. You can teach technique.
You can share knowledge. But it all has to come together for each and every client at that one appointment spot each month.

A hairdresser needs to feel their work, visualise the outcome and utilise their knowledge to allow your creation to happen.
Hairdressers are artists and our medium is hair.

You’re not paying for the hour.
You’re paying for the experience and what is created within that hour.

The Keratin Myth

Jason Outten - Sunday, September 29, 2019
The $199 Keratin MYTH

A question we sometimes ask.
Are you looking for the BEST price ? Or are you looking for the BEST results ?

What are you actually paying for ? What do YOU want to pay for ?

Correct procedure is 3 hours average. Professionally trained experienced stylist. Booked only with YOU. This ensures focus and best results. Attention to detail. That's our standard.

Lets explain....

So the $199 Myth
Less gst $18.09
Less product $100 (best quality)
Less labor = $110 (specialist. Very experienced)
Bal = ($19.09)

Getting the picture ? We haven’t even taken into account the cost to keep the doors open yet 🤦🏻

You’ll feel a difference, but nothing like our results. Its not APPLES with APPLES.... All keratin's are NOT the same.

So what if we use cheap poor quality products. Trainee labor and try and rush the service through in two hours ? Taking into account business running costs. The salon would be losing money.  .... and YOU would not be getting the best, longest lasting results possible.

We aim for quality long lasting results and repeat happy clients. We are the No1 Straightening + Smoothing salon in Perth. We literally do them every single day. We are the EXPERTS

In reality a $199 Keratin is a price, not a service, or a result. If you’re chasing that $199 Keratin thats fine. We’re not everyone's cup of tea and we’re ok with that.

If YOU want results. If YOU want service + the BEST possible outcome. Then that's us

The bitterness of poor results lasts a lot longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.

Online Quotes

Jason Outten - Monday, August 26, 2019
Online quotes and why we don't do them....

We are fully dedicated to giving you the Full Salon Experience, without a professional
consultation we are unable to determine where your hair is currently at, and therefore
what we need to do to get you to the results you are wanting.

If you are serious about looking after your hair, and committing to giving your hair the
attention it needs to be able to achieve the desired look.
Then you will need to take the time to allow us to know what we are dealing with,
and therefore what will be required to achieve YOUR look.

We are more than happy about giving you the advice and information (including price)
for YOU to be able to achieve and Maintain YOUR Hair throughout the year...
We like to give you the knowledge and tools as soon as we know what is required.

"How much for blonde"? a common question.
How can anyone possibly answer that over the phone or social media?

Unfortunately a few think that when they see an image a quick “how much” comment
will result in a “this much” response.

One image you see online could be one appointment for one person,
half a dozen for another, an hour for one, 3 hours for someone else,
and impossible to achieve for some.

We understand that some people just want to “know now” “haven’t got time” etc
But in order for us to do our job to the standard and professionalism we strive towards.
We need to know a lot before we can start. The amazing hair you commented on was
not a result of a quick cheap in and out service.

In summary imagine this. One client was transformed over the last 12 months and was
wrapped where her hair was at. It was a journey we went on. We posted a picture and
first comment was “how much”. How do we answer that? Do you want the total cost of the
last 8 appointments? Just the cost of the last appointment ? Because the last only came
out that way because of the start we had that day. All of which is only relevant to the client
in the picture.

For all these reasons and more we don’t (cannot) quote or consult over social media.
We take our profession and clients seriously.

We’re not everyones cup of tea and if we’re not yours we’re totally fine with that.

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