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Want lighter

Jason Outten - Sunday, November 03, 2019
Want lighter ?
Already have darker colour on ?

You can’t just put a lighter colour on. You have to remove the original darker colour first
Even if you only want one shade lighter

A lot of enquires for this type of colour change believe we can just put a lighter brown over and hey presto .... sorry there’s a little more work than that.

Here we have.
Before After colour removal Final colour + finish

This service requires a pre consultation prior to booking as without we cannot determine what is required, how long and we’re sure you’ll want to know what to expect and cost..... everyone's hair is different. Too many times we receive the call to “fix my colour” but person does not or has not got the time to come in for a consult prior.
That's half the reason they’re usually in their current situation. No time and last minute ... Unfortunately if you do not have the time to allow us to do correctly we’re just not
the salon for you.

Here we know the hair and it is just one of our clients journeys for their hair.

So what happened ? We we had been colouring regular for a while and dark, as in left picture. Desired result was just not as dark so a shade or two lighter.
We applied one lightener process with Olaplex (we only strip colour with Olaplex in) this took result to what you see in middle picture. From there it was light enough
to colour over the top with desired result showing on right.

A large amount of the general public think you can just put the lighter colour on and you will achieve the lighter result. As a general rule, no. Colour does not lift colour ;)
You have to remove the initial colour ( or some of depending on desired result) first. This process, about 3.4-4 hours. It takes time, especially if you want all your hair left afterwards :)

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