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The Keratin Myth

Jason Outten - Sunday, September 29, 2019
The $199 Keratin MYTH

A question we sometimes ask.
Are you looking for the BEST price ? Or are you looking for the BEST results ?

What are you actually paying for ? What do YOU want to pay for ?

Correct procedure is 3 hours average. Professionally trained experienced stylist. Booked only with YOU. This ensures focus and best results. Attention to detail. That's our standard.

Lets explain....

So the $199 Myth
Less gst $18.09
Less product $100 (best quality)
Less labor = $110 (specialist. Very experienced)
Bal = ($19.09)

Getting the picture ? We haven’t even taken into account the cost to keep the doors open yet 🤦🏻

You’ll feel a difference, but nothing like our results. Its not APPLES with APPLES.... All keratin's are NOT the same.

So what if we use cheap poor quality products. Trainee labor and try and rush the service through in two hours ? Taking into account business running costs. The salon would be losing money.  .... and YOU would not be getting the best, longest lasting results possible.

We aim for quality long lasting results and repeat happy clients. We are the No1 Straightening + Smoothing salon in Perth. We literally do them every single day. We are the EXPERTS

In reality a $199 Keratin is a price, not a service, or a result. If you’re chasing that $199 Keratin thats fine. We’re not everyone's cup of tea and we’re ok with that.

If YOU want results. If YOU want service + the BEST possible outcome. Then that's us

The bitterness of poor results lasts a lot longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.
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