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Jason Outten - Monday, August 26, 2019
Online quotes and why we don't do them....

We are fully dedicated to giving you the Full Salon Experience, without a professional
consultation we are unable to determine where your hair is currently at, and therefore
what we need to do to get you to the results you are wanting.

If you are serious about looking after your hair, and committing to giving your hair the
attention it needs to be able to achieve the desired look.
Then you will need to take the time to allow us to know what we are dealing with,
and therefore what will be required to achieve YOUR look.

We are more than happy about giving you the advice and information (including price)
for YOU to be able to achieve and Maintain YOUR Hair throughout the year...
We like to give you the knowledge and tools as soon as we know what is required.

"How much for blonde"? a common question.
How can anyone possibly answer that over the phone or social media?

Unfortunately a few think that when they see an image a quick “how much” comment
will result in a “this much” response.

One image you see online could be one appointment for one person,
half a dozen for another, an hour for one, 3 hours for someone else,
and impossible to achieve for some.

We understand that some people just want to “know now” “haven’t got time” etc
But in order for us to do our job to the standard and professionalism we strive towards.
We need to know a lot before we can start. The amazing hair you commented on was
not a result of a quick cheap in and out service.

In summary imagine this. One client was transformed over the last 12 months and was
wrapped where her hair was at. It was a journey we went on. We posted a picture and
first comment was “how much”. How do we answer that? Do you want the total cost of the
last 8 appointments? Just the cost of the last appointment ? Because the last only came
out that way because of the start we had that day. All of which is only relevant to the client
in the picture.

For all these reasons and more we don’t (cannot) quote or consult over social media.
We take our profession and clients seriously.

We’re not everyones cup of tea and if we’re not yours we’re totally fine with that.
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