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Keratin Smoothing

Jason Outten - Sunday, January 19, 2020
To answer a common question re our Keratin Smoothing..... and too show our clients don’t have
to worry about the high humidity today

>The picture on the LEFT is shampooed and naturally dried

>The picture on the RIGHT is also shampooed and naturally dried.

>SAME person. SAME hair

The difference?

The picture on right is after our Keratin smoothing service

Frizz, Curl, Volume .... GONE

So this is what we mean when we say reduces volume, frizz and curl by up to 80% and lasts up to 5 months. With some
(as we have here. Getting even better)

Remember this is not even styled. Which will take minute now

Don’t waste your money on cheap keratin services that are just wasting your money. Focus on the results and longevity like we do

Why do hundreds of clients

Jason Outten - Sunday, January 19, 2020
Why do hundreds of clients spend over $450 with us for their Keratin Smoothing.... when salons are quoting $200-$300 ?

For YOU to experience why you could just book a $200 one then next time have one with us. Once you have had us you won’t go back and spend $200

BUT we are here to help stop you wasting that $200-$300 in the first place

Just because two places are quoting something called the same thing does NOT mean you’re going to get the same thing. If that was the case we would not be the biggest hair smoothing salon in Australia, and the majority of our clients having this service would not be coming back to us for years

Technique. That's your answer. The simple explanation is that keratin smoothing in the hairdressing industry is one of the most poorly executed techniques. Some salons don’t mean too. Some have no idea and others are too $ focused.

We’re about results. We have perfected our technique over 15+ years. Yes we use good products (our product cost more per client application than some salons whole service) But we know a salon could use the same product and NOT get the same result.

Yes its dried into the hair, yes its ironed into the hair. But EXACTLY how, at what pace, at what temp, at what tension, at what angle. That's our trade secret. That’s what delivers our results and why we have clients which say they’d never waste their time or money on cheap $200-$300 keratin services again. The results don’t compare.

So if you have had results last 3-6 weeks like a few of our newer clients said they got elsewhere. If your hair is frizzy again in a month after your $199 Keratin deal. We can save you money over time while delivering better results


Jason Outten - Sunday, January 12, 2020

With all the hoo ha and all the “techniques” flooding salons it’s understanding why clients sometimes think they need to book
a “technique” rather than explain what they actually want to achieve

The reality is a lot of techniques not used by some stylists are simply not used because they are harder to master and
technical application has to be Perfect. They just cannot do them

So many techniques these days are causing clients to go through longer processes. Costing more.
When a more experienced stylist could achieve desired result via a shorter path

One thing to note. Experience does not necessarily refer to years hairdressing but more exposure to techniques and ability.
Years can give that but only if mind wide open and absorbing along the way

We have seen younger stylists create amazing work while older still grasping at techniques and vice verse

THIS result is created literally via foils with a base colour at roots using Olaplex. In one application.
Foils go on, root colour goes on and timer set. That’s it

Never taken colour through ends
Never had or needed a toner
Never have to go back over and reapply
6 weekly visits
3-3.5 hours including haircut + finish
Zero lines
Not a single bleed

Its simple. Its clean and the client is getting what THEY want. Not what a stylist wanted to try at their last workshop

Sorry but going to say it...too many educators creating techniques to stay relevant when
most results can be achieved quicker with shorter processes that already in play...

YOUR visit is about YOU and our job is to aim at achieving YOUR desired results (as long as you’re realistic )
in the most efficient way and time frame.

Look we’re not claiming to be “blonde experts” or “specialist” ..... we’re just good at it

Hair by Caroline

Heres our top 9

Jason Outten - Thursday, January 02, 2020
Here's our top 9 that we made a top 12 (why not) for 2019 ....

Every colour, every style, every length. Real people, real clients ..... real appointments. We specialise in Hair.

One style does not fit every person in the real world so we’re here to create YOURS.

We don't specialise in just one style, we're not that limiting. We don't do "just long" or "just blonde"
When as a hairdresser did we just do one type of hair. We do hair, simple

Real people in real time frames at real appointments. How hard would it be asking for your hair to be like the last post you put up
and it was a 10 hour job with an insta model that was happy to sit there all day because she's not paying and she has
50,000 followers the salon thinks she will "influence" to use their salon.
Would you be happy paying for 10 hours ?

We specialise in HAIR..Thats what we do

Permanent Hair Straightening

Jason Outten - Thursday, January 02, 2020
Permanent Hair Straightening

The single thing most people looking at getting their hair straightened MISS...
too focused on price to think about their results...

All permanent straightening’s

Example shown. Very thick hair so we had to work in zones. Technician has 10 years experience
but impossible to apply as precise as our standards dictate before process time is up in first zone

So we split the zones and do in rolling stages. This ensures whole head processes evenly.
Note: this pic is just showing the very first stage. Not even half way.

Most salons would try and rush or use multiple stylists/apprentices to apply.
That’s when mistakes happen and results are compromised

We allow enough time to perform to the best possible standards. Then price accordingly.
Fitting a service like this to a budget is never going to end well

Top ten questions we get asked

Jason Outten - Monday, December 23, 2019
Top ten questions we get asked re hair straightening

1. How much
2. How much
3. How much
4. How much
5. How much
6. How much
7. How much
8. How much
9. How much
10. How much

We list prices in our posts. We list prices on our fb page under services. We have a price list on our web page.

Hydro Rebond Straightening.. Smile says it all :)

This random question in comments indicates to us that people do not read and do not do their research. Which is a scary thought when looking at permanent straightening. Even smoothing. Its a lot of money to waste, not getting results or worse. Damaged hair.

Our permanent straightening is $797
Our keratin smoothing is OVER $400

Haircuts and products etc are in addition but we have packages to reduce those costs.

Rebond permanent straightening. More technical, more difficult. But thats what we are good at :)

To book a permanent straightening 1st time. It can only be done in person with 50% deposit. That does mean the deposit has to be paid in person at time of booking. So if you come in to chat but don’t book. You will need to come back again to book.

Keratin smoothing’s can be in person or over phone/email. Call or email us re how. 92288211

There are no exceptions to how we book. Its either thorough and professional or not at all. If you are looking for cheap. Sorry we’re not for you. But give us a call if something needs fixing. We’ll see what we can do

Australia’s No 1 Hair straightening and smoothing salon

Colour Transformation

Jason Outten - Monday, December 16, 2019
Colour Transformations..... starting points and time frames. The real world

If you are one colour and want to be another, unless its to be darker. It will take time and $
If your current colour is not natural it will take more time and will cost more $’s
If your current colour is not natural and via a box next to where you get your cornflakes 
Its going to take waaaaay more time and waaaay more $’s IF its even possible

The best transformations are the ones where the client has a realistic understanding and expectation
of the process from where they are currently at.....and a stylist that explains it.

Imagine this
Black is 1 ....................... 10 is Very light blonde The bigger the distance you have to travel to go lighter
(towards 10 from lower number) the more time and cost.
BUT even that depends on hairs ability to handle the process.

Here we have one appointment going lighter from previous darker colour.
The plan here is not to go “blonde”, just lighter. Check it out

Want to maintain ? Less work at each appointment.
Want to go lighter ? More work, but we’re step closer.

Pink Balayage

Jason Outten - Monday, December 09, 2019
If this hair is not what you call READY for Christmas..... nothing is

Pink ColourSplash Balayage YES!!!

How would you achieve this ?
Consultation 1st

Why? Because you cannot just put any colour on and hey presto it’s done You need the right canvas first. Which this was not ....
...but 5+ hours later. No problem

It requires planning...... and before the “how much” ? Comments start. No idea ... really, we have NO idea...
But we can work out an idea at a consultation ......
We will know start point. We will have a rough guide/approach and work out some time frames. The professional approach.

But be prepared. Sometimes only your hair will dictate how long it will take and it becomes a journey

Want a quick how much and an in and out before lunch ? We’re probably not the salon for you .....
You’ll probably not get the result and/or your hair will be compromised .. Unless your Platinum blonde to start

Hair Colour

#PinkHair #Balayage #HairColour

Colour correction

Jason Outten - Sunday, December 01, 2019
Colour correction

Stage 1. The trip to blonde

Whats going on ? Lets explain

In this before + after we have taken both pictures in the same natural light at front reception.

First the before picture
There is a lot of history in this hair. From blonde to brown to a few blonde attempts and some colour stripping. Hence the lighter from roots (as the most natural hair so will lighten easier) But darker colour will hold on longer through the mids & ends. As you can see here.

It will grab unevenly and patchy. All depending on what was put on both before and after. You can see all the different tones from just above ear height and below.
So the desired outcome request was not going to be possible and accepting a different tone of blonde was initial option. There was also going to be the situation where those darker unwanted tones are still not going to go away in one visit.

The plan
To start the process and work towards an end goal. Which is a lot lighter, cleaner and no requirement for toners.
This is why we only take appointments like this after a consultation in person. Realistic expectations explained and quoted as done here so clients fully aware before making a decision.

This after
We’re on our way but still a way to go. Another visit like this one and we can reassess at continuing later on with less work as appointments stop becoming colour corrections.
Eventually the darker tones will be gone, the orange undertones will disappear and we can focus on a cleaner lighter blonde. Foils without toning

But.... its a journey that most won’t stick too and look for quicker alternatives Unfortunately that commonly leads to compromised hair and results
Hair is a fibre it takes time to keep changing


Jason Outten - Sunday, December 01, 2019
Really want to change up your style ?

What about a PERM

Did you know they do not even teach this in college anymore Most salons have no one that can even perm.
We actually have other salons refer their clients to us for perms

A perm does not mean you’re collecting a pension and check your mailbox in rollers and a net ...
It is a technique designed to create curl + body that lasts.
It is something that would allow your curl or wave style to hold ALL night long.
It can also boost flat and fine hair into a whole new look

Everyone of our Senior Stylists perm and even our 1st year is learning how to.
So unless her classmates salons are teaching them. Louise will be the only one that knows how to.

Please note perms are only booked after a physical consultation.

A Perm can be any many forms, young, old, quirky. Perm is just a technique. Like a haircut or foiling.

Your traditional Perm

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