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Hair Straightening Perth
Hair Straightening Perth


The current GK Best Keratin service is totally new to any previous keratin service we have ever used before and is getting fantastic results.

The GK Best service is transforming untamed hair into silky smooth low maintenance hair women dream about and chemical free.

GK Best with Juvexin is unlike most competing keratin products. GK with Juvexin uses a patented keratin technology to achieve their smooth results and does not chemically alter your hair to achieve the smooth results. GK Best helps defrizz and smooth the hair, it is not a permanent straightener or for eradicating curls completely. Depending on what your hair is like to start with depends on what the outcome will be It is aimed at reducing volume, smoothing curl and taking out frizz by up to 80% or more. It all depends on what their hair was like to start with. Primarily GK Best treats the hair long term lasting 3-5 months on average, depending on lifestyle.

Should you require a more longer term smoothness and frizz reduction Xtenso Moisture (different from Xtenso) may be more suitable.

If the desired result is 100% straight  Hair Outaquin recommends our ammonia free, and formaldehyde free (sunflower ceramide based) Thermal Rebonding. All our smoothing and straightening products are formaldehyde free.

GK Best have gone as far as saying any Keratin smoothing product that straightens your hair better is using a restructuring ingredient and is not a true keratin product. Fortunately we have several options to cover all hair types

Hair Outaquin only use products approved by Australian Standards.

As the keratin product originated from Brazil it is also referred to as Brazilian blowout or Brazilian Blowdry.

Please note under no circumstances will we take an appointment for this service unless hair has been viewed prior. No exceptions. This can be done without coming into salon, please contact reception for information

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Kerastase Discipline Perth (Control your unruly hair)

Kerastase Discipline as an in salon service is no longer being offered. Take home is still available.


Thermal rebonding, also known as TR or permanent hair straightening, is very popular with our Perth clients. After researching many techniques for permanent hair straightening we have settled on thermal rebonding, the latest technology, guaranteed (subject to original hair condition) to provide each client with healthy, long lasting, straight hair. Our permanent hair straightening techniques can also be used on coloured or highlighted hair (depending on what hair has been hi lighted with). Hair Outaquin will NOT perform this service on bleached hair.

Permanent Hair Straightening Perth 
Permanent Hair Straightening From Curls
Keratin Hair Straightening Perth 
Permanent Hair Straightening From Frizz
Brazilian Hair Straightening Perth 
"Mass" Permanent Hair Straightening

There are many inexperienced salons in this field, many using "shortcut" versions of the thermal rebonding permanent hair straightening process with mediocre results. However, in the right hands it has amazing results. Hair Outaquin only offer the full process option without any shortcuts and our highly experienced and trained permanent hair straightening specialists ensure maximum results for you! Please note under no circumstances will we take an appointment for this service unless hair has been viewed prior, in person. No exceptions


Xtenso Moisture is for the client that does not want the frizz and "boof" but does not want dead straight hair either. Xtenso Moisture is an exciting NEW product from L’Oreal Professional. This technology allows the smoothing of the hair, therefore reducing the coarseness and frizz but leaving the body. Two techniques are available, one for smoothness and one for a straighter look so standard and brazilian. Unfortunately, Xtenso Moisture cannot be used on bleached hair or hair that has more than 30% hilights.Although we have other services that may be suitable for those hair types. Please remember this is NOT Xtenso, the original Xtenso has been discontinued. Xtenso Moisture is a NEW product.

The image on the right shows hair before, then hair after Xtenso. The image far right shows the hair styled after Xtenso Moisture.

Please note under no circumstances will we take an appointment for this service unless we have viewed hair prior, in person. No exceptions